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Oil Investment Limited is a modern investment company that is focused on making a profit by investing partners' funds into perspective projects, development and research in oil sector. Our company offers the best conditions for investors and guarantees regular payments within the service plan. This is all provided by the work of professionals: economists, financiers, logistics and analysts conduct a thorough study of the project before giving recommendations on investing funds. The team of programmers ensures that the site of the project and all the software works without interruptions and problems, and the data and invested money of our partners were protected from hacking and attacks.

In our work we use only modern technologies of making business, we make deals only with full confidence in its success and in every possible way try to ensure that our investors are protected from losses and risks. We work for your profit and the development this project.

Service plans

Service plan “Easy”
Daily: 8%
Min-Max 25-5000
Deposit duration 20 days. The deposit is included in payments
Total profit: 160.00%
Service plan “Medium”
Daily: 9%
Min-Max 5001-25000
Deposit duration 20 days. The deposit is included in payments
Total profit: 180.00%
Service plan “Hard”
Daily: 10%
Min-Max 25001-250000
Deposit duration 20 days. The deposit is included in payments
Total profit: 200.00%

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Among the great number of companies that offer similar services, our company stands out prominently, because we can really guarantee success and protect your investments. Investing with us will bring you a real income in a short time.

Guarantee of payments
You can observe on your own how your profit grows in your personal account and, if you wish, cash it through one of the payment systems. The minimum amount for withdrawal of profit - $ 2.00.
Guarantee of profit
You invest in the most successful and promising area and our Oil mining methods will provide you with a stable and constant income. This is a long-term investment, which will guarantee your financial independence.
Data protection
Only you and our specialists know your personal data and income amounts. Third parties cannot access them and even more so use them. All information is protected by reliable algorithms.
Round-the-clock support
In order that you always have the opportunity to get professional advice or answer to a question that concerns to you, our specialists are available around the clock. Contact us in a convenient way (via email or hot line) and our employee will explain any information on the project.

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